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AWS Lightsale Allocate Static Ip

Allocates a static IP address.

AWS Lightsale Attach Static Ip

Attaches a static IP address to a specific Amazon Lightsail instance.

AWS Lightsale Detach Static Ip

Detaches a static IP from the Amazon Lightsail instance to which it is attached.

AWS Lightsale Get Static Ip

Returns information about a specific static IP.

AWS Lightsale Get Static Ips

Returns information about all static IPs in the user's account.

AWS Lightsale Release Static Ip

Deletes a specific static IP from your account.

AWS OpsWorks Associate Elastic IP

Associates one of the stack's registered Elastic IP addresses with a specified instance.

AWS OpsWorks Deregister Elastic IP

Deregisters a specified Elastic IP address.

AWS OpsWorks Describes Elastic IPs

Describes Elastic IPs

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